Watch Dr. Pimple Popper Squeeze a ‘River Rock’ from a Affected person’s Lip

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• Dr. Pimple Popper minimize open and squeezed what seemed like an abscess above a affected person’s lip, solely to eject “a bit of river rock.”
• The expansion might be a salivary duct stone, which is sort of a kidney stone for the mouth.
• Sialothiasis generally is a shock for non-dental medical professionals and normally exhibits up within the jaw, however often the stones develop across the lip.

Even Dr. Pimple Popper may be shocked by what slips out of her incisions. In a brand new Instagram video, Sandra Lee, MD, uprooter of numerous deposits of puffy keratin goo and gelatinous pores and skin slime, opens what seemed like an abscess above a affected person’s lip. With one fast pinch between her finger and thumb, a small calcified mass plops out onto her thumbnail.

“It’s like, , a bit of river rock,” remarks the TLC host. Dr. Pimple Popper then exhibits the stone’s launch once more in gradual movement.

The “stone” was most likely sialolithiasis, that are like kidney stones to your mouth. Additionally referred to as salivary duct stones, they’re crystalized elements of spit, which happen in 1.2 p.c of the inhabitants. Not often do the stones develop bigger than a centimeter. Sialothiasis most frequently develops within the jaw, typically inflicting ache whereas consuming, and may result in ache and an infection. Nevertheless, some stones present up within the lip.

Dentists semi-frequently encounter salivary duct stones, however they could be a shock to normal practitioners, ER medical doctors and dermatologists, like Lee.

Raj Waghmare, an emergency doctor, who blogs at, wrote of eradicating a painful one from a affected person’s mouth.

“I carried it round with me the complete shift,” Waghmare recounts. “I confirmed it to my ER colleagues, the internists, and even a few surgeons. I’d inform them the story. ‘By no means,’ one among them stated. ‘Not in twenty-eight years. By no means seen that earlier than.’”

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